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Diabetes is time-consuming for many reasons, not the least of which is the effort it takes to monitor blood glucose.   But monitoring is only useful if you personally understand your numbers and use them to better manage your condition. is dedicated to helping with this.

We offer simple to understand resources about diabetes and glucose testing, as well as free, easy to use printable logging and tracking tools.  

At the heart of the site are our HbA1c conversion charts, which have been a fixture on the Internet since September 2000.  We currently feature charts based on findings from the DCCT data study (Rohlfing et al.) as well as the ADAG study (Nathan et al.).

In total, six charts are posted for each of the two correlation studies.  They include HbA1c to glucose conversions for

both plasma and whole blood glucose calibrated meters
both NGSP (%) and IFCC (mmol/mol) HbA1c
both mg/dl and mmol/L glucose measurement is located in Richmond, Virginia USA.  Our team is headed by Laura Lucas, a type 1 diabetic.   

Thank-you for visiting.  If you are diabetic, we hope the site proves useful.  If you are visiting on behalf of a friend or family member with diabetes, thank-you for helping them learn more.

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The purpose of is to make available general educational materials of benefit to diabetics, and to do so in a clear, organized and user-friendly manner.

The intended audience of is the general public, with the exception of the Personal diabetes management certificate of achievement, which is intended for health professionals.

None of the information presented is meant as a substitute for the advice of health professionals.  The information provided by is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own physician.


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